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the chassis could be a advanced network of cells tissues ANd organs that together make life potential 10 major systems are to blame for the body's functions skeletal muscular vas nervous endocrine lymphatic metabolic process organic process urinary fruitful the skeletal muscular vessel and nervous systems specifically produce an infrastructure that facilitates the opposite systems the adult skeletal system is a framework of over 200 bones they hold the body together provides it form and defend its organs and tissues the skeleton additionally provides anchor points for the muscular system

which includes 3 varieties of muscles skeletal smooth and viscus they are found throughout the body and facilitate movement nestled within these muscles is that the cardiovascular system a pipeline that has the heart blood vessels and the blood itself also known as the circulatory system the vascular system delivers atomic number 8 white blood cells hormones and nutrients throughout the body last the system is a communication network of nerve cells that the body uses to transmit data and coordinate bodily functions it's comprised of the brain the hub of sensory and intellectual activity the medulla spinalis and the several cranial and spinal nerves that emanate from them this infrastructure created by neurons blood muscles and bones allows 3 different systems to control the body's atmosphere the endocrine lymphatic and urinary systems the system is a series of glands

that use information carried by the nervous system to help regulate the body's processes thanks to this neural connection endocrine glands like the thyroid ar attentive to the number of hormones and other chemicals they have to supply these chemicals ar then distributed throughout the body by approach of the vascular system the vas and nervous systems are conjointly utilized by the systema lymphaticum a set of lymph nodes and vessels that help regulate the body's defenses also known as the system the systema lymphaticum uses neural pathways to transmit data regarding affected areas of the body and then sends out healing agents like white blood cells via the blood stream another key regulatory system is the apparatus urogenitalis which incorporates the kidneys ureters bladder and duct the urinary or urinary organ system maintains the body's solution levels and filters wastes from the blood this waste is sent through the blood vessels into the kidneys and so expelled as excretory product all of these systems require energy to perform and that's where the metabolic process and biological process systems are available in the respiratory system may be a group of passageways

and organs that extracts vitalizing element from the air we have a tendency to breathe air enters the body through nasal cavities travels down the throat ANd is then transported to the lungs the lungs extract element for the body to use so expel a greenhouse emission by-product when we exhale energy may also come back sort of food the digestive system is an approximately thirty foot series of organs that convert food into fuel food enters the system through the mouth then moves into the gorge the abdomen and therefore the intestines nutrients are absorbed into the body while solid waste is expelled through the anal canal the end of the digestive tract no matter the roll size or form of any of the body systems each began with the genital system this method is answerable for making life the primary organs concerned dissent between the part with ovaries fallopian tubes the uterus and channel found in girls and testes and a gamete channel found in men along fertilization could occur organ systems type and then a toddler is born humans ar complicated organisms however once our ten major organ systems ar healthy they guarantee our well-being

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